How to make your boss love your work

By Robert Half on 9 November 2018

Over 200 million people in China are single , and while some relish a solo lifestyle, others are hoping to find true love. The common thread is that everyone shares the excitement on Singles’ Day – a special occasion to take pride in your solo status or perhaps to meet someone you feel a connection with.

While love is in the air on Single’s Day, why not treat it as an opportunity to encourage your boss to love your work? On a day for building relationships, this same approach can be applied in professional ways in the workplace with positive outcomes that can come from it.

There are many good reasons to make a professional impression upon your employer. On a personal level, when your boss loves your work, your job satisfaction is likely to rise dramatically.

Keeping your boss happy can also support your career growth. When exciting projects come along, you have a better chance of being selected to be part of the team. It can also make you a star candidate for promotion. And if you leave the company and need a professional reference at a later stage, you are more likely to be given a glowing report.

Most importantly, having a healthy professional relationship with your boss makes the workplace a more enjoyable place to be. This makes it worth taking a few steps to put a lasting spark in the professional relationship you share with your boss.

Six ways to make your boss love your work

1. Deliver results

All employers treasure one key quality in their staff – productivity.

If you can produce high quality results and consistently achieve, or exceed, targets, you are on track to make a positive impression on your boss.

2. Be respectful

It has probably taken time, talent and experience for your boss to rise to a senior position, and this is something to be respectful of. You won’t always agree with your boss, but don’t try to undermine them in front of colleagues, or complain to co-workers about your employer. Wait until you can speak privately with your boss to question their decisions. Chances are there are some very good reasons why your boss has decided on a particular course of action.

3. Support your team

Don’t just focus on your own achievements. By taking the time to support other team members you can achieve a better overall result for the company.

Step in to lend a hand to struggling colleagues especially during peak periods, and take the time to help new recruits settle in. In a busy workplace your boss will be grateful that you have made the effort to support the company’s success – not just your own.

4. Maintain a positive outlook

Demonstrating a positive attitude at work can be one of the most effective ways of ensuring that your boss loves your work.

An attitude of “I can tackle that!” can be extremely infectious across your entire team, and inspire co-workers to perform at their best. Your boss will relish the impact you are having on the workplace, helping to build morale and lift everyone’s productivity.

5. Go beyond your job description

A staff member who doesn’t hesitate to go beyond their job description always tugs at the hearts of employers.

Be willing to accept new challenges, broaden your skill set, learn the specialties of your colleagues and think innovatively to improve current systems.

6. Demonstrate initiative

Being able to demonstrate initiative and independent thinking will make you valuable to any employer. Don’t rely on your boss to explain every little detail or solve every problem.

When an issue arises, instead of running straight to your employer, think about how you could solve the problem. Offer suggestions and try to address the issue yourself.

Aiming to solve problems demonstrates that you are a creative and innovative thinker who doesn’t need to be supported at every stage – and those are the sort of qualities that all bosses love in an employee.

Treat Singles’ Day as an opportunity to build not just personal relationships, but also professional ones that can benefit you. You can achieve personal fulfillment knowing that your boss is grateful for the effort you put in – and the positive influence you have on the workplace and your company.

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