How to find a job you love

By Robert Half on 2 November 2018

11 November has become an exciting event day in China’s calendar.

If you're on the lookout this Singles’ Day, you might enrich your life by also keeping your options open for a new job opportunity. Like a good relationship, a new career can be fun, rewarding and even a source of inspiration.

Regardless of whether your status is single or “in a relationship”, here are some tips to help you find a job that you can love.

Why it’s important to love your job

There are good reasons to look for a job you love. To begin with, you spend a lot of time at work – perhaps half your waking hours. That’s a lot of time to do something that you may not enjoy. Spending each day watching the clock until you can leave the office isn’t much fun, and it certainly won’t see you deliver your best effort.

It’s also far easier to forge ahead with your career when you love what you do. Most of us tend to be better at things we enjoy. And if you get genuine satisfaction from your role, you are more likely to feel motivated to consistently deliver your best effort and invest extra time expanding your skill set.

Just as importantly, when you have a job you truly enjoy, your enthusiasm will be contagious among your team. This can be a big plus for team morale, and it’s something your boss will notice and appreciate.

When you have a job you love you’re also more likely to be selected to work on special projects, and be rewarded with promotions. Ultimately, you will feel more fulfilled and rewarded by your career.

Five steps to find the job you love

Just as lasting romance rarely falls into your lap, finding a job you care deeply about calls for a proactive approach. Here are five ways to land a role that sends your heart soaring.

1. Build your personal network

True love won’t simply come knocking at your door – and neither will a great job.

A vast number of roles are never advertised, and building a strong professional network leaves you better placed to tap into the hidden job market.

2. Find a company you connect with

Lasting relationships thrive on shared interests, and by looking for a company whose goals and values match your own, you’re more likely to enjoy personal fulfilment at work – and stay with your employer for the long term.

3. Look for a role that excites you

Meeting the right romantic partner can bring a huge adrenalin rush, and that’s just what should happen when you find a job you love.

Look for a role that brings challenges and variety – one that will truly put your skills, experience and qualifications to work. It can keep the spark alive so that you eagerly anticipate each new day in the office.

4. Don’t let tensions over money spoil the romance

Arguments over money can see couples drift apart. It’s the same with your job. If you’re not satisfied that you are being fairly paid, you’re more likely to start two-timing your employer by looking around for a new role.

Research the market to have a clear idea of current salaries for your level of skill and experience, and the industry and location you work in. Be flexible though. Non-cash benefits like the opportunity to work from home can be just as valuable as a higher salary. After all, it can mean more time to spend with your soul mate.

5. Partner with a career matchmaker

Developing a relationship with a professional recruiter can be your best asset to find a job that enriches your life. You’ll benefit from expert advice on how to polish your resume plus tips on handling interviews, and of course, exclusive job opportunities.

The right role for you is out there, and the support of a recruitment specialist can put you on track to find lasting job love.

Everyone is looking for joy and happiness on Singles’ Day, and even if you don’t find it by meeting someone special, landing a job you love can bring tremendous personal satisfaction.

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