The Coronavirus employment market: Finance positions in demand

By Robert Half on 20 July 2020

The employment market has been significantly impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic, with many professionals being furloughed or made redundant over recent months.

The current climate isn’t all doom and gloom, however. Even as many companies re-evaluate and adjust their budgets, pivot their business/staffing strategies and revise revenue forecasts, it probably comes as no surprise that recruiting for finance roles remains relatively buoyant, given many finance professionals are regarded as key to helping businesses recover both during- and post-pandemic.

Here’s an overview of some of the most in-demand finance positions in the current employment market.

Finance Manager/Director

Financial leadership is key in today’s volatile market as the financial wellbeing of companies is not something that can be taken for granted in the coming months. Markets have changed and are likely to continue to evolve as companies navigate an extended period of economic uncertainty. For this reason, financial managers are required to closely monitor the financial status of companies, strengthen communication with key stakeholders through regular and detailed reports, and develop realistic short and long-term financial goals.

Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) Analyst

During uncertain times, big decisions often need to be made quickly and efficiently, which means companies will be calling upon FP&A analysts to improve their agility and decision-making capabilities. Specifically, there is increasing demand for skilled FP&A analysts who can gather, interpret, and evaluate information which may influence future strategic projects and investments.

Financial Controller

Transparency and accuracy when it comes to company finances is crucial for taking steps such as expanding teams by hiring new staff, investing in new projects or even balancing the need to reduce headcount or overhead across business divisions. Consequently, hiring a skilled Financial Controller is a priority for companies that recognise the importance of closely and carefully managing transactions, from accounts receivable/payable and payroll through to monitoring operational costs.

Tax Manager

Company taxes are often complex and the ability of companies to manage their tax obligations well is crucial to the overall financial health of companies. As goal posts continue to shift, companies are seeking dynamic tax managers who can continually monitor and manage the tax arrangements of their company by implementing tax strategies that meet legal obligations and improve company performance. Changes to financial reporting because of COVID-19 are being cited by the International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board and could see increased demand for accountants and auditors across the public sector, as well as tax managers in the private sector.

Financial Analyst

With market forces potentially entering an unpredictable and changeable phase, companies that can obtain and leverage real-time, accurate business forecasts based on data will be able to make quick and responsive strategic decisions. With this objective in mind, hiring talented financial analysts will be crucial to helping business leaders interpret the implications of available data so they can model current and future scenarios in the race to staying competitive.

Months of restrictions have affected jobs and hiring practices in many businesses, but there’s no doubt that many finance roles are likely to be considered critical to the next phase of recovery. Specifically, talented finance professionals with risk, compliance, and strategic forecasting capabilities will be instrumental to helping companies and their workforces find a way back to ‘business as usual’.

Companies are also increasingly attracted to a flexible staffing approach, consisting of a mix of talented permanent finance professionals and project-based finance specialists. This staffing strategy allows organisations to build an agile team that is responsive to changing conditions without compromising on the required institutional knowledge and business-critical skills that will support the company through COVID-19 and beyond.

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