How to make a CV stand out in China?

Looking for a new job can be an exhausting challenge.

With so many details to attend to — researching prospective employers in China, lining up professional references, practicing interviewing skills, and checking the salary range for your role — it is tempting to recycle an old CV and top it off with your newest work experience.

What is visibility in the workplace?

5 tips for being more visible at work

Make your presence felt digitally

Maintain a physical presence

Keep your team in the loop

Be an active participant in firm-wide initiatives

Message colleagues

What kind of relationship do you expect to have with your boss?

Sure, the workplace is a nicer place to be when we all get along, but it is worth making an extra effort to build a positive rapport with your immediate boss and other senior employees.

The time will almost certainly come when you need their support, assistance or approval.

That’s when having a great working relationship with the boss pays dividends.

Be aware though, there is a world of difference between being the office sycophant and sharing a good relationship with your boss.

With this in mind, here are six simple steps to improve working with your boss.

Want to work for one of the World’s Best Employers?

At Robert Half, we know what a difference it makes in morale when our employees feel valued, are compensated fairly and can advance in their career. Others are taking notice as well.

How to become an Infrastructure Engineer

Read on to learn more about the specifics of infrastructure engineering, including how to land this role and what type of salary you can expect to earn.

How to future-proof my accounting career in 2021

As long as you stay abreast of changes and keep your skills fresh, accounting automation probably isn’t going to be a major threat to your career success. Find out how.

8 signs of a bad boss

We all have different views on what makes a good boss. But when it comes to bad bosses, there are some clear danger signs – and it’s worth knowing what to look for. Dissatisfaction with your manager can take the shine off a job you otherwise love. In the worst case scenario, a bad boss could hold your career back.


Here are eight tell-tale signs that you have a bad boss, and it could be time to move on.