How to work with recruiters to find the talent you want

How to work with recruiters to find the talent

Attracting top talent for your company is important. Having the right people in place can increase staff retention rates, boost productivity and give your business a competitive edge. However, finding the right candidate yourself can be time-consuming and expensive. Understanding how to work with recruiters to find the talent you need, makes it easier to find the ideal candidate sooner and with less interruption to your business.

How to work with recruiters

When you’re thinking about how to work with recruiters, bear in mind that you will receive a start to finish service. A recruiter will invest time understanding exactly what qualities, skills and experience you are looking for. This can significantly narrow down the type of candidate that is right for your business. From here the recruiter will design and place job ads for maximum impact, sift through resumes and conduct first round interviews. It means the candidates that you are presented with have all been thoroughly screened and are suitable and well-qualified for the role.

A structured hiring process

Attracting top talent involves far more than posting a job ad. One of the key benefits of working with a recruitment agency is the structure they bring to the search process. This can be especially helpful if your company is experiencing rapid growth and you do not have the resources, time or expertise to fill a position quickly. A recruiter has in-depth knowledge of effective hiring methods, and is used to working to tight deadlines. So you can focus on running your business, knowing that the recruitment process is underway – and in good hands.

Knowledge of what will attract quality professionals

When you work with recruiters, your company enjoys the advantage of the latest market intelligence. Your recruiter will provide expert advice on key market trends and developments including information about current market salaries and other benefits, which are essential to attract high quality candidates. With this information, your firm is well-placed to attract the interest of experienced professionals with proven skill sets.

It’s about the right person for your team

If you’re not sure how to work with recruiters, a good starting point can be thinking about your company culture. Skills and experience matter, but recruiters know that the right candidate should also be a good fit for your culture and team. These people are far more likely to stay with your company for the long term so they are worth looking for.

Tapping the hidden talent pool

Recruiters often develop long term relationships with candidates. This gives recruiters tremendous leverage to tap into an extensive network of contacts – many of whom may not be actively seeking a new role, but who are right for your company. In this way, working with a recruiter gives your business access to a far wider pool of talent than you could achieve with a job posting alone.

If you have never used a recruiter, it is understandable that you may be uncertain about how to work with them. However, it is a straightforward process that lets you expand your team with minimal interruption to your business, and enjoy the rewards of high quality talent well-suited to the role and your company.

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