What are the necessary skills for IT personnel?

What are the necessary skills for IT personnel?

Skills that were once deemed important decades ago can be redundant today, and skills never imagined as a priority for the industry are now more important than ever.

To succeed in an IT career means having the right mix of technical and soft skills. But even more importantly, is knowing that the demand for such skills changes with new trends emerging.

Companies face shortages of IT personnel

IT professionals are well-placed to benefit from China’s plans to become a global technology leader. Since the implementation of “Made in China 2025” by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, this initiative will upgrade Chinese industries and drive increased demand for technology specialists.

However, such a push for suitably skilled job candidates in China will mean that companies need to actively compete for top IT talent.

A key strategy to help you stand out from other IT personnel is to develop the skills that employers are looking for. Let’s take a look at the skills that can help you build a promising career.

Strong technical skills are critical

China’s workplaces are increasingly becoming digitally-driven and you need to be prepared to upgrade your technical skills throughout your career in line with advances in technology and changing workplace needs.

Already, companies in China expect their IT staff to be proficient in technical competencies, and the most sought-after technical skills in today’s market are those involving data analytics, big data and information security. This reflects the goals of many Chinese companies to drive long term business performance, improve customer service and protect the organisation from cyber-attacks.

Don’t overlook soft skills – good communication and adaptability

Along with strong technical skills, you need to be able to demonstrate excellent soft skills.

It’s easy to assume technical skills are more important for IT personnel, but that’s not always the case as companies can outsource their technical needs. Having outstanding soft skills however, can make you a valued member of your workplace team.

As IT becomes more central to the broader success of a business, companies increasingly expect their IT personnel to master certain soft skills. One of the most valued soft skills is the ability to communicate well, and this includes being able to explain complex concepts to non-IT personnel.

As the commercial environment becomes more globalised, being bilingual can also give you a career advantage.

Faced with the rapid evolution of both technology and the workplace, adaptability can help you stand out from other IT personnel. Your ability to learn quickly, adopt new technologies and fit in with the company culture can make you highly desirable among employers.

Taking a close look at your skill set and upgrading your skills where necessary can have a lasting impact on your career, and add to your market value as skilled IT personnel.

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