Finding a job

Find a job that excites and inspires you by developing a clever job search strategy – one that leaves hiring managers eager to add you to their team.

Discover what’s involved with landing great jobs and send your career soaring with one of top recruitment agencies in China.

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How to work with recruiters to land your dream job

There are plenty of jobs in Shanghai, but securing the role that’s right for you with a company you admire and respect calls for planning and commitment.

Our expert recommendations can help you land a job that ticks all the boxes for professional growth and development while giving your career a valuable boost.

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Time for a career change?

Your career path doesn’t always follow a straight line, and if your current career leaves you bored and frustrated, it could be time to move on.

With the right approach it’s possible to make a successful career change and relish the excitement of a new direction.

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How to find the right job

You want a job that challenges and motivates you; a role where you can develop your skill set and progress your career.

But how do you find a job that meets all your needs while also paying the right salary? The answer lies in knowing where to look.

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How to find the right cultural fit

Cultural fit can make a big difference to how much you enjoy your job, how well you progress, and how long you stay in a role.

That makes company culture a key aspect to consider when you’re looking for a new job./p>

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5 tips for your job search activities

Whether you are currently employed or not, these job hunting tips will help you in the first steps of your job search activities.

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How to choose the right company

Don’t choose your employers solely on the brand names alone. Several factors will and should affect your final decision.

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Personal branding to get a new job

Our recommended personal branding tips can help you refine the image you wish to project and make it part of your job search strategy.

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Job hopping

We discuss the professional way to change jobs or careers in China.

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How to make a lateral career move

Is making a lateral career move the wisest decision right now? Ask yourself these questions before making the move.

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Checklist for your next job search

Going through this checklist before your next job search, it will help you find a right job.

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