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The Robert Half 2016 China Salary Guide provides indispensable salary information for hiring managers and candidates alike, allowing you to plan payroll, set recruitment budgets, and stay up to date with the latest employment trends in China.

Are you a job seeker? Use the guide to discover salary ranges in your industry, establishing an industry benchmark to drive your next salary negotiation!

Are you a hiring manager? Use the salary report to better understand anticipated year-on-year salary increases, including commentary on the current hiring environment.

Hiring Climate

What to expect in 2016

The overall slowdown in the economic climate has not dampened hiring intentions in Shanghai with 97% of CFOs expecting growth in their companies this year. Finance and accounting is still tracking solid progress, with strong intentions (97%) to reward and retain top people with increased salaries.

As with other leading Asian hubs, specialist or niche skills top the list of demands, on top of regional business exposure.

Industry Sector

Finance & Accounting salaries

Finance & Accounting

With 1 in 2 (48%) firms looking to expand their finance and accounting team, the competition for talent in the market is set to increase into 2016. Companies need to adopt creative remuneration packages to cater for the changing lifestyles of working professionals, including sponsoring MBA courses, or providing second opportunities.

Salary Calculator

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