Necessary skills for finance professionals

Necessary skills for finance professionals

The financial sector is rapidly evolving both in China and internationally, and finance professionals need to develop the appropriate mix of technical skills including the ability to analyse and interpret numbers, as well as developing soft skills such as leadership and adaptability.

Here are some of the skills that really count to help you build a promising career in finance.

Financial literacy

As a finance professional you will be working with numbers, however it’s your ability to read financial statements and interpret the figures that will add value to your employer.

Candidates who can also forecast financial information will find themselves in a strong hiring position, as their interpretations can be used to shape future business decisions and investments.

Ability to analyse and solve problems

Employers in the finance sector look for lateral thinkers who can analyse a variety of scenarios, understand the financial implications of different strategies, and make recommendations based on various conclusions.

A candidate’s ability to combine these analytical and problem-solving skills can help you guide the business through key decisions and strategies. Be prepared to demonstrate your analytical ability to employers through real-world examples.

Business acumen

Companies operate in a complex commercial environment, and it is critical that you understand how markets work. You need to stay on top of the latest trends and technology that are reshaping markets in order to suggest innovations that can boost profitability, productivity and grow market share.

Staying up to date with industry news, attending industry events or getting in touch with a mentor can help you develop your commercial acumen.

Communication skills

Your ability to communicate clearly with co-workers is important. But it is likely that you will also be called on to explain complex financial concepts to colleagues and even clients or customers, who don’t have a financial background. This makes it essential that you can confidently discuss financial matters – both orally and in writing, in straightforward terms without relying on jargon.

Interpersonal skills

As a finance professional you will be working alongside a variety of people, and your ability to form productive relationships will help you excel in your career.

Being able to work as part of a team, supporting and motivating your co-workers, could be the point of difference that helps you get ahead in your career.

Taking the time to review your skill set and recognise areas for improvement is a worthwhile strategy. Ongoing training and development as well as exposure to a variety of projects, can help to ensure that you have the skills in place that meet employer demands.

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