Team management

Managing a team can be challenging, but it can also be immensely rewarding. Developing the skills of staff, watching them succeed and seeing the company benefit as a result is a great part of being a manager. It’s also a testament to your team management skills, and your ability to adapt and tailor strategies to the needs of your staff.

However, when team management is demanding, your skills and knowledge are tested, and you’re required to dig deeper, research further, and find more innovative and personalised methods of successful management. Robert Half’s Beijing and Shanghai recruitment agency can provide support through these times of challenge and change, as well as detailed guidance and proven strategies for successful team management.

Employee engagement strategies

Engaged employees are an asset to your organisation. They enjoy coming to work, dedicate themselves to successes and as such, are some of the easiest staff to manage. So what is required to develop a truly successful engagement strategy?

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Succession planning

If a senior leader at your organisation has to step down suddenly, who will take their place? Succession planning makes sure that a solution is readily available, regardless of the industry you work in. It’s a critical team management skill and ensures business stability even in the most turbulent times.

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How to manage negative employees

Negative employees can drag down the morale of your whole team, impacting productivity and team spirit. There are ways to turn negative employees around, to bring a positive, more productive atmosphere back to your workplace.

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How to create a positive interpersonal environment

We all want to enjoy a positive interpersonal environment – especially in the workplace, where relationships between co-workers can impact everything from productivity to attendance. A number of strategies can be used to foster a positive workplace.

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How to avoid misunderstandings

Misunderstandings can cost your company dearly, impacting everything from staff and customer relationships, and even having the potential to damage your brand. Yet there are ways you can maintain effective lines of communication.

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