2015 Finance and Accounting Salary Guide

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The Robert Half 2015 Finance & Accounting Salary Guide provides insights into average salaries across the finance and accounting sector, the anticipated year-on-year increases and commentary on the current hiring environment.

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Sector Highlights

Hiring Intentions

  • 63% of large companies are planning to add new finance and accounting professionals to their teams, while 26% are maintaining or only filling vacated positions
  • 69% of medium-sized businesses are expecting to add new permanent headcount
  • 43% of small businesses plan to add permanent finance and accounting professionals

Salary and Bonus Trends

  • Companies continue to face intense competition for top talent with proven specialist skills this year, but companies are also adopting a strategy to control costs, which impacts their hiring and remuneration plans
  • In this hiring environment, candidates need to look beyond salaries and evaluate their career options with other important criteria, such as training and development, and consider how their career can benefit long term from taking on a role



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