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The Robert Half 2015 Salary Guide allows you to determine salary levels for employees, plan payroll and recruitment budgets and stay up to date with the latest employment trends emerging in Shanghai today.

Download the salary guide for average salary ranges, the anticipated year-on-year salary increases and commentary on the current hiring environment.

Industry Sectors

Finance & Accounting

China’s burgeoning economy is driving new projects and business expansion plans, creating strong demand for finance and accounting professionals

Industries including retail, healthcare and manufacturing are on the lookout for experienced and qualified financial analysts, financial planning and analysis (FP&A) managers, and accounting professionals

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How to negotiate your next pay rise

Navigating through the minefield of salary negotiation can be tricky. The key is to be prepared and not let your emotions get the better of you.

Watch our quick video highlighting practical tips on how you can use the 2015 Robert Half Salary Guide to successfully negotiate your next salary discussion.

Research Highlights

Economic Climate

92% of CFOs in Shanghai are confident about China’s economic growth

Skills Shortages

94% of CFOs are challenged to find skilled accounting and finance talent

Staff Retention

Retaining existing staff is on the minds of 90% of CFOs

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